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Trolls Class

TIMETABLE 11/9/17 



Welcome back, I hope you are all feeling refreshed and ready to start a new and exciting term.

We are all pleased to come back to a freshly painted classroom, which has made the learning environment a more pleasant place to be.



This terms focus;

Addition and Subtraction (estimating, inverse and money)



In 5 A Day we will be tackling formal methods in operation, ensuring each child is confident in the strategy they are learning. Big Maths will take place twice a week to help build on the children’s mental arithmetic, each time improving on their last score. Along with weekly timetables test, please encourage your child to keep up with their practice of these.



This term we will be looking at the book “Zoo” by Anthony Browne. We will be using the text when building our skills in;


Non-chronological reports,

Diary entries.



This term we will be looking at “Imagination.”



“States of Matter,” will be this terms topic. This will include;

Sorting and describing materials as solids, liquid and gases.

Exploring each state and investigate how materials change state.

To investigate evaporation and condensation.

Understand and explaining different stages of the water cycle.




PE will still take place on a Wednesday morning with Andy. As well as the normal PE kit, Please ensure your child has access to tracksuit bottoms, warm fleece, spare socks and a waterproof coat as PE will take place in all weather.



This term your child has been set a project. Their task is to research an animal, over a four week period. They have been given ideas on things they can research, it would be great to see them research an animal that they know very little about.  The projects are to be handed in on the last week of term, no later than Wednesday 7th February.

As a class, on Friday 9th February, we will be sharing all of the children’s fantastic work. I am looking forward to seeing these wonderful projects and learning new facts about the different animals they have researched.

Please send in homework books each week, by Thursday, as new spellings and timetables practice will be added. Please encourage your child to practice these as it helps to build confidence and reinforces learning.

In class, we aim to hear each child read at least twice a week. It is expected that each child is heard to read by an adult at home three times a week. That be any form of text, comic, recipe, newspaper, shopping list, etc.


We have a class trip on Tuesday 8th January to Howletts Zoo, we are all excited about the trip and looking forward to it a great deal. The aim of the trip is for the children to understand a role of a zoo and how it protects the life of endangered species and whether it is ethically right to keep animals this way.


Finally, I would like to say thank-you to all parents of Troll Class, as we have won 100% attendance certificate for the last four weeks of the last term. This is great news and means that the children really are benefiting from being in school every day.

If you would like to speak to myself or any member of Troll Class team, we are available on playground before and after school. Alternatively, you can contact the school office.


Thank you so much for your continued support.


Nicola Heather and Team Troll