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Key Information

Parent Survey

The results of our recent parent survey are now on this page. Thank you to all parents who contributed, and in particular for your comments which will help us in our planning. If you would like to contribute to the life of the school, either through volunteering  as a reader, or by offereing a particular skill that is useful or interesting, please let us know.

Please refer to the documents section below for information on how the school uses its Pupil Premium funding to support pupils at our school.

The Village Academy

We are proud to be a part of The Village Academy. This a group of mainly rural primary schools comprising ourselves, Milstead and Frinsted Church of England School, Petham School, Pilgrims’ Way Primary School and Selling Church of England School. As an Academy, each school has its own Head of School who runs the school on a day to day basis. Mr Harrison is the Head of School at Lynsted. Lynsted and Norton also share a number of central Academy staff who support all the schools.

Who are the central Academy staff?

Mr Ian Fidge, Academy Principal

Miss Hannah Peaston

Mrs Lisa Goldsworthy

Mrs Anne Bartlett (Bursar)
Mrs Charlotte White (Trust Business Manager)

How are central Academy staff helping Lynsted?
Mr Ian Fidge (Principal) visits the school fortnightly, to visit classes and meet with staff. This enables him to maintain an oversight of progress and standards at the school.

Miss Hannah Peaston (Deputy Principal) spends 2 days a week at Lynsted. She carries out regular monitoring of all aspects of the school’s work alongside Mr Harrison, ensuring that the school is improving.The Principal and Deputy Principal are supported by their PA, Mrs Deborah Harris.

Mrs Lisa Goldsworthy (Senco) spends 1 day a week at Lynsted. She carries out classroom observations, attends meetings with external agencies, and advises staff on provision for children with additional needs.

Mrs Charlotte White (Trust Business Manager) manages the business side of the Academy, leaving staff at Lynsted free to focus on the day-to-day running of the school, and most importantly. the education of the children.

Mrs Anne Bartlett (Bursar). Although each school retains its own budget, and Mr Harrison is responsible for allocating Lynsted’s funds, there are significant savings to be made by purchasing some goods and services as an Academy. Negotiating these savings so that a greater proportion of the budget can be spent on your children is a key part of Anne’s job, along with monitoring all of the academy finances. Anne is supported by an Assistant Bursar, Mr Richard Connorton.

In addition to the on-site support described above, all central Academy staff provide daily remote support, via email and Lync, to staff at Lynsted.
How else does Lynsted benefit from being part of The Village Academy?
Over the last year Lynsted has benefited from:
  • Weekly Head of School meetings. These give Mr Harrison the opportunity to share good ideas and resources with, and seek advice from, Mr Fidge and the other Heads of School in the Academy
  • Termly ‘Challenge’ meetings, between Mr Harrison, Mr Fidge, Miss Peaston, Mrs Goldsworthy and at least one Director, to explore Lynsted’s performance and ensure that improvements are rapid and sustained.
  • Termly Best Practice Meetings. Subject leaders attend meetings with their colleagues from other schools; again to share best practice and solutions to any difficulties which have arisen.
  • Academy moderation. All staff have attended moderation in writing and maths with the other schools; this ensures that our assessments in these subjects are accurate.
  • Academy-wide training. This year staff have received training in Pie Corbett writing techniques, strategies for supporting dyslexic children and Irlen’s Syndrome. This is in addition to the weekly professional development sessions in school, and some of these sessions would not be financially viable for the school on its own.
  • Networking opportunities. Teachers from Lynsted report that being able to talk to, and even visit, another teacher in the same year group as them has been very beneficial.
  • IT support. Access to IT support from other schools has significantly improved data reporting at Lynsted, as well as improving the speed with which technical problems are resolved.
From September 2014:
  • Lynsted will receive additional pastoral support from The Village Academy counsellor, Mr Jez Aitkens, who will see children on a referral basis.
  • Access to the Academy’s qualified Irlen’s screener, Mrs Sheila Johnson.

The Village Academy – Board of Directors

Structure of the Board 
The Articles of Association of the Village Academy state the following:
There are between 3 and 18 Directors. The Board is made up as follows:
  • Up to 10 are Trustees or appointees from the Diocese of Canterbury. The Diocese will appoint a minimum of 4 Directors, but these will be limited to 25% of the total.
  • Up to two Staff Directors.
  • The Chief Executive Officer (i.e. the Principal).
  • Two or three Parent Directors.
  • Up to two other Directors appointed by the Trustees.
The term of office of all Directors apart from the Principal is four years, but Directors may be re-appointed. If a Parent Director resigns or comes to the end of their four year term of office, parents will be invited to declare an interest. If there are more candidates than places, an election may be held.

There are three subcommittees:
  • Compliance and Safeguarding
  • Curriculum
  • Finance
Apart from the Board of Directors, there is provision for a School Advisory Body for each school. This is a body run by the Head of School, who will invite parents and local people to assist and advise on day to day matters related to the running of the school.

Directors and Trustees
Mark Pearmain, Trustee and Chair of Directors
Tanya Lambert, Trustee and Parent Director (Selling)
Rev'd Stephen Lillicrap, Trustee and Director (Diocese)
James McBeath , Trustee and Parent Director (Milstead and Frinsted)
Bruce McGlashan, Trustee and Parent Director (Petham)
Martin Swainson, Trustee and Director (Lynsted and Norton)
Damaris Gardiner, Director (Vice Chair - Diocese)
Petra Bensted, Parent Director (Selling)
Ian Fidge, Principal
Jed Friday, Parent Director (Lynsted and Norton)
Ruth McSweeney, Staff Director (Pilgrims' Way)

Heads of School
Richard Harrison (Lynsted & Norton)
Katherine Baker (Milstead & Frinsted)
Mary Haney (Petham)
Alice Witty (Pilgrims' Way)
Kristina Dyer (Selling)

Roles and responsibilities 
The Trustees are responsible for the Village Academy's compliance with its articles and statutory requirements.

The role of the Directors is to act as a "critical friend", supporting the work of the Head of School and other staff. Specifically, their responsibilities are:
  • To represent various stakeholders across the Academy including staff, parents and foundation.
  • Strategic management of the Academy.
  • To provide challenge and expert guidance to senior management

The Head of School is responsible for the day to day management of the school.

The School Advisory Body is a group of people invited by the Head of School to act in a variety of functions in support of the school e.g. Health and Safety walks, supporting specific children/ classes, offering expert support to the Head of school.


To view our School Policies, please visit the Village Academy Website by clicking on the logo below.


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Documents - please click to open

pdf.gif: Lynsted School Improvement Plan Sept 2014

Lynsted School Improvement Plan Sept 2014

File size: 525KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Lynsted Prospectus 2014

Lynsted Prospectus 2014

File size: 1MB (PDF File)

docx.gif: Data for parents Term 3 2014

Data for parents Term 3 2014

File size: 15KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Pupil Premium 2013 -2014 1.3

Pupil Premium 2013 -2014 1.3

Our approach to supporting pupils who are eligible for this funding.
File size: 18KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: Sports Premium 2013

Sports Premium 2013

Click on this link to access information about how the school spends it's new Sports Premium funding.
File size: 14KB (Word 2007 File)

doc.gif: Parent Questionnaire November 2013

Parent Questionnaire November 2013

File size: 41KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Single Equality Scheme 2012-2015

Single Equality Scheme 2012-2015

This important document explains how we meet important legal requirements around equality.
File size: 169KB (Word File)

doc.gif: Single Equality Scheme Appendices

Single Equality Scheme Appendices

File size: 362KB (Word File)

docx.gif: Closing the gap explained

Closing the gap explained

Our progress towards closing the gap for pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding. This should be read in conjunction with the spreadsheet below.
File size: 14KB (Word 2007 File)

xlsx.gif: Closing the gap

Closing the gap

The results of our analysis of Pupil Premium funding in 2013.
File size: 11KB (Excel 2007 File)

docx.gif: Lynsted and Norton School                     Results

Lynsted and Norton School Results

A history of our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 results are posted here.
File size: 16KB (Word 2007 File)

docx.gif: School admission criteria

School admission criteria

Click here to find our latest admission criteria
File size: 80KB (Word 2007 File)

Links - please click to open

Parent View

Please click this link to be taken to the 'Parent View' part of the Ofsted site. Please take a few moments to take part in the quick Ofsted survey on how you feel we do as a school. This information will be available to Ofsted on their next visit and will also help us to tackle any ongoing issues parents may have. Please be as honest as you can. Thank you, as always, for your support

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