Our Community MAT

Our Community Multi Academy Trust is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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The Village Academy offers generic policies for its schools, which are reflected on this website. The individuality of each school’s context means there may be occasions when a school needs to include appendices to the main policy document in line with its own context. As a Trust, we continually review all our policies. Please click HERE to go to our Policies page.

Strategic Management

As an Academy Trust, our Articles of Association determine our governance structure. For a copy of this and further information about the Trust's governance, including membership and attendance at governance meetings, Please click HERE. 

Statutory information is found under membership and under policies.

Further information relating to our local and Trust governance can also be seen on the DFE Website 'Get Information About Schools' (GIAS). Please click HERE.

Join Us!

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Local Academy Council (local governance) or a Trustee, please click HERE, to go to the Vacancies page on The Village Academy Website for further information and an application form.

Local Academy Council

Lynsted and Norton School shares a joint Local Governance Body with Milstead and Frinsted school which is also part of the Village Academy Trust.

 The local governing board comprises of the Headteacher and number of non-Trustee members. It is  Academy Council is chaired by one of its members and provides local challenge to the Headteachers using the published School Development Plans as a basis for their joint monitoring. 

During our recent Ofsted (September 2018) several positive comments were made about the effectiveness of our governance team and how they work to develop the school.


'Governors in the small local academy council take their role seriously. They are

passionate about the school and ambitious for the pupils. '

'Governors regularly visit the school to monitor the initiatives and changes. This dedication ensures that they are well informed about teaching, learning and pupils’ achievement '


Phebe Chamberlain – (Vice Chair,  Trustee appointed.)

'I've lived at Bluetown, Milstead for more than thirty years and our son and daughter attended Milstead School during the 1980s.  From 1990 until 2003 I worked in the Milstead school office and was also Clerk to the Governors.  I joined the Milstead Board of Governors as a Foundation Governor (a Diocesan Nominee) in 2004 and served as Chair from  2009 - 2012 during which time Milstead & Frinsted School joined with Lynsted and Selling Schools in the Village Federation and then moved to academy status.  Currently I am a churchwarden at Milstead and do my best to ensure that our village church works with Milstead  school to promote our Christian values. I continue to have a keen interest in education as we have five school-age grandchildren.'

Julie Lemon (Community , Trustee appointed)


'I was a teacher in main stream and special schools before I retired and moved to Lynsted with my husband, so that we could live closer to our family.  I am particularly interested in SEND and the school curriculum and that is my main area of responsibility on the Lynsted and Norton Academy Council.  I visit the school regularly for meetings, monitoring visits, coffee mornings and training as well as completing governor training to keep my skills and knowledge up to date. '


Katherine Baker – (HeadteacherMilstead & Frinsted School )

 'I have been part of the Village Academy Trust for 7 years and Head Teacher at Milstead for 5 years.  I am passionate about nurturing children, both academically and spiritually, with the aim of providing them with secure foundations for life.  I want to develop in our children an excellent education, self-confidence, independence, respect for others and a love of learning.'

Emma Foord – (staff representative)

 'I am now entering my fourth year being part of The Village Academy, teaching Catkin’s Class (Reception year) at Milstead and Frinsted School.  As a teacher my goal is to enthuse and motivate children to become confident learners in a stimulating and nurturing environment. I strive to ensure children develop a love of learning, confidence to try new activities and to reach their full potential in fun and inspiring ways.  I am passionate about outdoor learning and learning opportunities within our local community, supporting and promoting the moral and spiritual development of each and every unique child. '

 Julia Foxon – (parent elected)

'I joined the Academy Schools Council as a parent member in 2018. I fell in love with the school as soon as my children started and I became an LAC member as I am passionate about ensuring Milstead School is the best that it can possibly be. I have worked as a teaching assistant in secondary schools since 2013 so have a good knowledge of educational procedures that I can apply to my Local Governing Body role at Milstead and at Lynsted'

Mary Haney (Headteacher Lynsted & Norton School)

 ' I was originally Headteacher of Lynsted & Norton from 2007-2013, where I received 2 Good judgements from Ofsted. I then worked as a headteacher at a special measures school and moved it to good by 2015. Following this, my role was one of school improvement, however in 2019 I felt it was right to return to Lynsted and help to drive it forwards to be the good school it truly is.'


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Day to Day management

The Headteachers are responsible for day-to-day management of their school.