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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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The Humanities

The humanities enable our children to learn new and knowledge, whilst revisiting previously learnt skills. The vocabulary and knowledge they learn here can  drive or support learning in other subjects.

 Our children investigate and explore both geographical and historical skills and knowledge on their own and also as part of groups. They are encouraged to ask questions, communicate ideas and draw their own conclusions as well as research points of interest on their own. 

Not all humanities lessons result in a written piece, as this is not the main way of assessing knowledge. Learning can be recorded through floor books which record lessons and teacher assessments of skills taught.

To encourage reading across the curriculum we have invested in books for every topic that are age appropriate and enable to the children to enrich their learning in school. Topic books are on display in each classroom and the children are invited to read them and the teachers will also take time to read them to the children.

It is our belief that lessons should be fun, practical and diverse. The lessons taught, allow the children to explore and become involved in the world around them; helping them to learn how the past has shaped our lives and how we can shape the future. 

History intent

Throughout their time at Lynsted and Norton school the children will learn about the lives and customs of a range of civilisations and specific individuals throughout time. Skills are developed and added to as years go up with a developing sense of chronology. The final years within the school focus on British history as a main focus to give  the children a clear vision of what it is to be British and where we have come from.

Geography Intent

 The geography curriculum at Lynsted is inquiry based and allows children to question and find out. The skills are progressive and the knowledge of the world builds throughout their time in school. When they leave Lynsted they will have a clear knowledge of the word, how to read an atlas and knowledge of a range of physical and human features.

Here are our skills/knowledge progressions for History and  Geography

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Here are the knowledge and skills webs for what we are learning in geography and history this term, by class.


  Significant people/inventors - History web  and Geography web


Invaders and Settlers - Anglo-Saxons - History web and  Geography web


 Significant people and me - History web and Geography web


 Trolls have begun their 'Invaders and Settlers' topic this week. This term their focus is Anglo Saxons - Here they are ordering timelines.

Griffin have finished their topic on Antarctica and Earnest Shackleton and have finished the book 'Ice Trap'