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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Troll Class - Home learning


 We are looking at narrative writing in class. We are thinking about writing in clear descriptive sentences to tell a story.

Here are some writing frames to practice your descriptive writing. They involve starting a story by describing a setting.

Road trip a writing exercise

Narrative writing Powerpoint and activity

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

 We have been looking at sentences and recognising the different parts of them and most of all making sure they are detailed and make sense.

Identifying a subject in a sentence Powerpoint

Recognising when a sentence is not complete -  Powerpoint

Composing a simple sentence - Powerpoint

Recognising basic omissions - Powerpoint



  We are looking at problem solving. We need to read a question very carefully, work out what the key words are, what we need to do and then do our calculations. Remember to log onto timestables rock stars daily and practise your times tables.

Year 3 problem solving Powerpoint

Year 4 problem solving Powerpoint - quantities

Addition and subtraction worded problems

Maths challenge cards

Year 4 quantities differentiated worksheets


Our science topic has been 'Forces' and we have been looking at different kinds of forces. For our home learning, we will firstly be looking at magnets. Lots of children's toys have magnets - the little wooden trains have magnets that you can use or a fridge magnets.

Magnets Powerpoint introduction

Magnets powerpoint

Magnets powerpoint

Magnets investigations

Magnets assessment

Magnets wordsearch


Our art this term is use of colour, looking at tone, complementary colours, cold and warm colours. A good artist to study at home is Georgia O'Keefe as she uses nature and colour.

Guidance for parents


Colour activity

Perspective activity

Photo pack


We have been studying the Ancient Greeks using Odysseus as our guide. Here is some additional work you may want to complete.

Powerpoint Lesson 1

Word grids Gods

Word grid Olympics


Blank map of Europe

Wordsearch Gods

Wordsearch Olympics

Modern versus Ancient

Ancient Greece Fact cards


 This term we have learnt about colours, our family and pets in French.

Colours wordsearch


Family words

Family wordsearch


 Our values are empathy, perseverance, creativity, honesty, respect and co-operation.

Next term we are looking at empathy and honesty. Here are some resources to start to get you thinking about these.

Empathy - powerpoint, sheets

Honesty - Powerpoint, sheets