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The Humanities, History and Geography

The Humanities - History and Geography


The Humanities at Lynsted


At Lynsted and Norton Primary School, our aim is to connect every element of learning through critical thinking and enquiry. We believe the content of our humanities curriculum is rich in knowledge, skills and is sequenced logically to ensure all children are able to fully submerse themselves in their engaging lessons. We have used Cornerstones, a platform which allows our lessons to have tailored content and meaningful progression across the year groups. Our school values drive our curriculum and serve as a starting point to encourage our children to become critical thinkers and promotes ownership of learning. 


History at Lynsted


It is our intention for children to immerse themselves in rich dialogue with the past and with traditions of historical enquiry. For them to understand the past and changing accounts of the past have shaped the identities of diverse people, groups and nations. Our children will learn how evidence for a claim can be constructed and the conditions under which valid claims can be made. They will also learn how argument and debate can be underpinned by shared principles of enquiry, and how this can drive and test new knowledge and insight about shared pasts. 


To ensure our intent is transitioned into class-based learning, class teachers use our sequence of learning document, which outlines: topics to be covered, sticky knowledge, substantive knowledge, National Curriculum coverage, significant persons of study and key vocabulary. 


Our enquiry-based approach uses the following key concepts:


  • Chronology
  • Cause
  • Consequence
  • Interpretation
  • Significance
  • Change and continuity. 


To gage impact, we use Proof of Progress questions. These questions are not subject to ability, but allow children to express their own, individual understanding. Teachers are then able to assess, and if needed, use further questioning to extend a child's thinking/understanding. 


Geography Intent at Lynsted & Norton school


At Lynsted, we want our children to develop a rich understanding of the world they live in and develop their geographical skills in different contexts. We aim to link our learning in Geography to the rest of the curriculum so that the children can see clear links between different aspects of their learning. As the children grow older, we aim for their world, and knowledge of the world, to get bigger with them.  We use Cornerstones as the basis for our lessons which allows them to follow  a clear progression throughout the school, encouraging a creative, engaging approach to learning which excites and sustains children's interest.


We aim for Geography lessons to build on children's previous learning, encourage curiosity and exploration about human and physical geography so that children build up their understanding of the world they live in and how other people live.




History Curriculum Cycle A

History Curriculum Cycle B

Geography Curriculum Cycle A

Geography Curriculum Cycle B