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Parking outside of the school

 KCC award winning initiative - visit the website here - Useful information for parents | Responsible Parking


Please be careful and considerate when parking outside of the school.


  DO NOT park on the yellow lines or zig zag lines 

  DO NOT park in the bus stop area outside of the school - this is a fire exit and may need to be used for emergency services

  DO NOT park across the staff car park entrance - this is in constant use, this is also a fire exit and may need to be used for emergency services

  DO NOT park covering any of our neighbours driveways


  DO park sensibly so that YOUR child does not have to cross between parked cars and can be seen by other road users

  DO park carefully on the road so that you are not blocking other cars coming up and down the road

  DO park further away to ease congestion around the school - up the hill into Lynsted village or down the hill and walk as much as possible




  Safety tips for parking outside of schools

    Parking outside schools | (

  When picking up or dropping off children at schools, you should do the following:

  • Allow yourself plenty of time as the area is likely to be busy.
  • Do not park on yellow zigzag lines and avoid parking opposite them.
  • If you decide to park further away, please be considerate of local residents and avoid blocking driveways or accessways.



 Waiting and parking information

  The Highway Code - Waiting and parking (238 to 252) - Guidance - GOV.UK (