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Lynsted and Norton Primary School

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Admission Arrangements

Admission Arrangements


Broadly in line with all schools in Kent, our admissions criteria are as follows, in priority order:


      1. Children in Care.

      2. Current Family Association.

      3. Children with exceptional compassionate, social, medical/health or special access needs.

      4. Children of Staff at the School.

      5. Distance / Nearness of Children’s Home to School.


When to apply


  • If your child was born between 1st September 2019 and 31st August 2020 you should apply for a place in a Reception class to start in September 2024. Legally a child reaches compulsory school age in the term following their fifth birthday; County Policy is to encourage parents to enrol their children in Reception classes before this deadline.
  • Applications open for applying for Reception places for September 2024 start on 3rd November 2023, with the closing deadline of 15th January 2024. More information is available at:    or 

  • Details of how to apply for a place are also available from the school office.
  • Allocations of places are made in March for children starting school in the following September.
  • For further information about Admissions including in the event of over-subscription, please see our Admissions Policy    
  • See Admission Policy above for admissions in September 2023


Visiting the school


  • We strongly advise all parents to visit the school before applying. You are welcome to visit at any time, although should you wish to discuss matters with the Head Teacher an appointment, made by telephoning the school office (01795 521362) or email: [email protected], would be needed.
  • Once a place has been offered and accepted you and your child will be invited to visit the school on several occasions, both in school time and after school, to help integrate your child and ensure that their first day goes smoothly.


Starting school

Starting school

  • At Lynsted and Norton School we want the admission of all children to be as smooth and happy as possible. We enjoy strong links with Stepping Stones pre-school and liaise closely with all our local nurseries and pre-schools.
  • The daily timetable is a mixture of activities designed to develop skills and encourage social interaction.  The classroom is organised for the children in such a way as to develop independence and the learning environment is both in and outside the classroom.
  • We arrange several ‘Induction’ sessions during the Summer Term, where the children and parents of the September intake are invited to join us and learn about the Foundation Stage. During these sessions the teacher will explain about learning through play, the Early Learning Goals and working towards the readiness for Year 1.  Parents are provided with a ‘Starting School’ booklet that introduces the school and gives them the information they need prior to their child starting school.
  • In September all Foundation children attend school mornings only for the first two weeks and parents are offered a home visit in the afternoons. These are usually half an hour in duration and allow parents and teacher to talk about the children.  During the third week children stay for lunch and most of them will stay all day from the beginning of the fourth week. 


Changing schools


  • If you wish to apply for a place for an older child at Lynsted and Norton Primary School the criteria set out above still apply.  Places will be offered provided the admission does not involve us exceeding our standard number per year group. Currently our standard number is 20. Contact the Head Teacher for further information.
  • You will need to complete an In Year Admission Form which can be found at 
  • This must be completed and returned to us before we can proceed with your application for your child


Transfer at 11


  • Children leaving Lynsted and Norton to move to Secondary education go to a variety of schools.  In their final year at primary school pupils can, if parents wish, undertake the selection test for a Grammar school place (11+ / 11 plus or Kent Test) This year 75% of the children who took the test passed.
  • Many of the secondary schools in our area have their own entrance tests or have specific criteria for admission, details of which can be obtained directly from the schools concerned.


Useful information to help you:


  • OFSTED Inspection report
  • Performance Tables - This link will take you to our page on the DFE website which will give you information on the school, its historic performance and how we compare to other schools locally and nationally.