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Promoting Positive Behaviour



At Lynsted and Norton Primary School, we work hard on ensuring that good learning follows from the good behaviour of our children.  Through the child, parents and carers, and school working together, we have a positive and calm learning environment for all our children to learn.


Behaviour policy


To make sure that our pupil’s behaviour ensures good learning, we have a clear positive behaviour policy built on reinforcing ‘Green Learning’ behaviour. We ensure that  inappropriate behaviour is discussed and deal with in an appropriate manner.


We use restorative approaches to ensure that all parties involved have chance to discuss incidents and be part of solving them.




School Rules 


School rules are kept to a minimum and are visible to all around the school. All staff will refer to these rules when discussing behaviour with a child.


Lynsted and Norton Primary School’s agreed school rules are:


  • - Be kind and respectful to everyone
  • - Stay safe by keeping your hands and feet to yourself
  • - Work hard and always try your best
  • - Follow adult instructions
  • - Allow everyone to explore and enjoy their learning


Alongside this, classes have their own agreed class charter, signed by the children


Good to be Green


The school follows a ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system. Each child has a set of cards displayed in class: Green, Yellow, Amber, Red and Superstar.


Every child starts the day off on a green card. If they don’t keep to the school rules, a verbal reminder is given – a reminder of the effect on learning. If the child doesn’t change their behaviour, the following steps would be moved through:


Half turn of green card – reminder of effect on learning. Clear command of required change


Yellow card – Five minutes reflection in classroom. Reintegration discussion with teacher in class


Amber card – Ten minutes reflection in classroom. Reintegration discussion at break or lunch. Inform parent at end of day


Red card – Dangerous or violent behaviour. Child out of class with work provided. Reintegration discussion at break or lunch. If needed, SLT can be called for to meet with the child and resolve situation. Inform parent.


Records are kept of any card change. This is monitored by the Headteacher, analysing any patterns and escalating to a Behaviour Support Plan or Pastoral Support plan if appropriate. In these instances, parents would be informed in order that the child can see that there is communication between both parties. These plans would include agreed smart targets, with weekly meetings between the teacher/child/parent. Support from external agencies will be sought if appropriate.





We are firmly against any form of bullying.  We have a simple definition of bullying and what to do if they are being affected by it:



It is incredibly important for your child or yourself to speak to a member of staff, either their class teacher, teaching assistant, trusted adult or one of the senior members of staff at the first instance that something troubles your child.  This way, the school will be able to speak to the people involved and ensure that solutions are put into place to make your child happy at school.