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Exclusion Arrangements

Exclusion Arrangements


At Lynsted and Norton Primary School, fixed term or permanent exclusions will always be the last resort and will be used only in extreme cases of inappropriate behaviour or when all other attempts to engage a child in changing their behaviour have failed. Only the Headteacher may exclude a child. In the event that the Headteacher is offsite, a Senior Leader may contact the Headteacher who can grant permission for an exclusion to be made in her absence.


The Headteacher may exclude a child for one or more fixed periods, for up to 45 days in any one school year. The Headteacher may also exclude a child permanently. It is also possible for the Headteacher to convert fixed term exclusion into a permanent exclusion, if the circumstances warrant this.


If the Headteacher excludes a child, she will inform the parent immediately, giving reasons for the exclusion. The school will inform the parents as to whether they can appeal the exclusion by signposting to them to the exclusion policy. The Headteacher informs the LA and the Governing Body about any permanent exclusion and about any fixed term exclusions through the Digital Front Door.


The Governing Body itself cannot either exclude a child, reinstate a child on fixed term exclusion or extend the exclusion period made by the Headteacher.


When an appeals panel meets to consider a permanent exclusion, they consider the circumstances in which the child was excluded, consider any representation by parents and the LA, and consider whether the child should be reinstated. If the governors’ appeals panel decides that a child should be reinstated, the Headteacher must comply with this ruling.


A child may be excluded for one of the following reasons:


  • Physical assault against a pupil
  • Physical assault against an adult
  • Verbal abuse / threatening behaviour against a pupil
  • Verbal abuse / threatening
  • Cyber/ bullying
  • Racist abuse
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Drug and alcohol related
  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Persistent disruptive behaviour


You can read our Positive Behaviour Policy and Exclusion policy on the OCMAT website for more information.


In cases of exclusion, Lynsted and Norton Primary School follows the guidance provided by Kent County Council and the Department for Education.  Links to the relevant documents are posted below for your information.